Time Recorder by Time Recorders (Leeds) Ltd. 1940-50.

A lovely vintage Time Recorder, all original.

Leeds Ltd. Time Recorder

Leeds Ltd. Time Recorder

This one must have been made toward the end of the era for mechanical, spring-driven punch clocks. This machine came to me in very good overall condition and required only a good cleaning.

I did dismantle the movement for cleaning and some of the Time Recording mechanism.

leedsmovementAs you can see, this machine requires the employee to sign a signature pad that has a role of paper that advances after the lever on the side is pulled. The recorder will print the time under the employee’s signature.

Amazingly, as I removed the paper that was still in the machine, there were signatures on the paper role together with times and dates from 1970!

Now, I could disclose who punched in late that day.  However, there is a chance that they may see this and be none too happy.

2 responses to “Time Recorder by Time Recorders (Leeds) Ltd. 1940-50.

  1. this looks very similiar to one that i own which i found in a shed and had a new pendulum fitted and restored .On mine there is a bit of damage to the bottom of the oak carcase which i have left as i believe adds to the integrity of it

  2. I have a model which is designed to be used on a desktop, with a smaller, circular clock set into the top of the machine. I bought it at the liquidation auction of the firm my Dad worked at for 50 years, often up to 80 hours each week. It now sits in my office as a reminder to me that there is more to life than work!

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